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Just now, Holte End said:


Sorry I thought you were referring to Holte end as a user name.

and your being too kind to Vader that is were I got a little confused.

I did say I couldn't disagree with being called a decidedly thick SOB


 Thanks for clearing that up, but as regards being "a decidedly thick SOB" I've seen absolutely no evidence of that and sincerely doubt

 if I will at any time in the future.

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On 5/23/2018 at 3:49 PM, hissingsid said:

I really think the Prince of darkness and Miss Poison have lost most of their following, most of the remarks are by these two and the bittteness is raw.   If they hate the Island that much  instead of their continuous carping and stirring why don't they just leave, even Buster has given up on them, or they have given up on him !!!!!   Bitter and twisted does not come close, I have left the group in disgust, will not be missed, but it is sad in such a beautiful Island people are so  vile.


This is no way to talk about your mum and dad.

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19 hours ago, the stinking enigma said:

They have been shit for longer than i can remember. Which sort of confirms holte as a brummie. It helps me to read posts in my head in the accent they were written.

You don't have to be Anock and Ayli to be a Villa fan. Just a pessimistic bastard.


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22 hours ago, woody2 said:

talking of ^^^^ gotta love faceache......


I think if you go to basic human biology, there are orifices specifically designed for entry, entry and exit, and others for exit. Only.

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Prince of Darkness, Miss Poison and now joining them .........Beecroft...they seem to be her only supporters now....interesting times....not so long ago they were putting horrible caricatures of her on line when she stopped meals on wheels etc...but short memories in politics and insincerity by the bucketload.     Well nothing sticks together like .... or so they say.

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