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Sounds like you’ve done it many times Howard, the alt accounts that is.

Why unfortunately? Did you want it to be true? 

The irony  

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1 hour ago, p3t3 said:

Between spamming this forum out with your dull nonsense, you still manage to clog up facebook and IOM newspapers with inane bollocks, that is an impressive waste of a life, well done I suppose.

Meds worn off then...

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15 hours ago, Howard said:

Why are Welsh people so good at singing anyway? Is it genetic or social?

Quite possibly both.... but as I recall Flanders & Swann were quite adamant that the Welshman (amongst other things) "sings far too loud, far too often, and flat!"

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1 hour ago, Augustus said:

There's a half-mad Northern Irishman rattling on incomprehensibly on social media to all and sundry about dogs in cars and the police. What's that all about?

The police apparently left a dog in a police van unattended for at least an hour. Dunno if it's true or not but he's posted video footage which I can't be arsed clicking on.

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12 hours ago, hissingsid said:

I stand corrected, I have never read any threats of violence on any of the ramblings of his I have read on any site.   I would not know him if I fell over him.



Thats not the same as what said before

You said “offered violence or made threats”

That would include all the threats of legal action that have been mentioned, wouldn’t it?

I am not implying that Buster has ever threatened violence at all.

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