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10 minutes ago, Linz said:

That would be strange because, as confirmed several times here the other week, apparently he never complains and asks for posts to be removed or for people to be banned from groups. Never at all according to quite a few sources in that thread - including your good self. 

You’ve misunderstood. I was speaking of my experience as a moderator here, nowhere else. He had never asked for anyone to be banned, it was made clear, I think, that even if he did there wouldn’t be acquiescence.

Im no longer a moderator. I’ve no idea what sway he might have elsewhere.

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Sounds like you’ve done it many times Howard, the alt accounts that is.

Why unfortunately? Did you want it to be true? 

The irony  

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On 9/3/2018 at 4:05 PM, John Wright said:

No. I’m bemused. I’ve always given a reason when I banned or suspended. I was a member there. No idea when I was culled, or why.

And I’m unblocked. The power of MF. 

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16 hours ago, John Wright said:

And I’m unblocked. The power of MF. 

Congratulations! Now you can read the inane drivel that's on there. It's really gone dead lately, actually, which is probably why James has unblocked quite a few people in the past few weeks, hoping to bulk up his group with other people's contributions. I'm not falling for it.

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