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2 minutes ago, Declan said:

If you understood nuance, you’d understand he’s gently inviting Gladys to expand on her status change in a manner that allows her room to politely avoid the question if she wishes. 

In other words, just being nosey...

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Sounds like you’ve done it many times Howard, the alt accounts that is.

Why unfortunately? Did you want it to be true? 

The irony  

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On 9/14/2018 at 9:38 PM, Gladys said:

I am sure it has a perfectly reasonable explanation:

 "Well, I was hanging out my wife's laundry and this twister sent me reeling, stripped off all my clothes, but fortunately my wife's clothes covered my embarrassment (a fortuitous benefit of the suck and blow action of that rare meteorological event in Foxdale). Then, as I was regaining my balance, I was disoriented,  slipped and regrettably encountered the exhaust of the next door neighbour's Range Rover.  Fortunately, my nethers fell in the path of the pipe (it could, so easily, have been an eye) and I was quickly brought to my knees.  Very unfortunate!  Almost as disconcerting as the incident I had with the hose attachment on the vacuum cleaner, when I took a backwards tumble having slipped on a jar of petroleum jelly that somebody, inconsiderately, left on the stairs."

All perfectly explainable. 

Sounds like the lawyer's explanation in court :lol:

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