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26 minutes ago, Snorri said:

I'm thinking of leaving all these groups except for the PAG one.

The PAG site is probably the one which has the most normal people on and isn’t apparently run by some bored despot just for kicks. Most of the local Facebook Groups are a joke and I have never understood quite how Vader has obtained any credibility for the insane ramblings of him and his sidekick on that Group. Most of it is pure comedy gold and is surely read as such by most people of sound mind? Unfortunately though the idiot quota on social media seems to be much higher than the normal population as I’d say most normal people are busy working most of the time. Not typing rubbish into their phones about local politics between episodes of Jeremy Kyle for 8 hours a day. That’s basically his audience I’d say. 

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7 hours ago, Holte End said:

If you do read FB sites you have to do it with tongue in cheek.

Buster got kick off his own site for 24 hrs must have been the best FB site for at least 24hrs.

Buster unfiltered is going to be the best going yet. A Facebook Group populated with stories by Buster, which is Moderated by Buster and Buster only, and where Buster provides about 60% of the content completely unfiltered by anyone else. That Group is actually going to be compelling viewing for a few weeks just for its potential ability to totally push the outer edges of what is deliverable as either libel and slander. It will be like something straight off the typewriter of Hunter S Thompson - An acid trip through Manx politics. 

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2 hours ago, CharlieBrown said:

Born and bred on the calf, where his parents have had a farm for generations after sailing their Viking longboat there from Norway via Jerusalem.

That’s one of my favourite PS4 games actually.

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14 hours ago, hissingsid said:

Buster must have been banned, does not seem the same somehow, life without Buster is very dull.

Go on his Group it’s purely comedy gold now there’s nobody there to hold him back. 

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