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Solo - A Star Wars Story

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over an infinite amount of time yeah not like.... 30 years

Do The Avengers!

what? even with the tranny storm troupers.....

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On ‎6‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 6:33 PM, Chinahand said:

It was ok. If you disconnected it from a sentence uttered in a canteena a long time in a galaxy far far away. 

Just to clarify, the "Kessel Run" is about navigating the titular Kessel stellar phenomenon in the shortest distance, skimming as close as possible to the multiple black holes, stellar obstacles, etc.

It was never about time (honest, it totally wasn't retconned a couple of decades ago to cover up that little terminology slip)

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23 hours ago, Chinahand said:

Do you seriously believe if the universe is infinite it is guaranteed Darth Vader is real?

Yes indeed. I've studied a lot of this stuff last 5 years...including Kip Thorne's et al Gravitation.

Can't believe you don't think so, particularly if the universe is infinite.

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2 hours ago, Chinahand said:

My answer links in with why the sky at night is dark. 

Do you get why that is relevant to the concept of an infinite universe?

That's the limits of the observable universe. Do you get that particles in the infinite universe can combine in infinite patterns...so that there could be not only duplicate Earth's...but duplicate Darth Vader's too...possibly even in this observable universe?

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