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Beneficial Register MPs visiting IOM


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35 minutes ago, gettafa said:

Someone txted in to say he would be ok, because as a farmer he would be used to getting up at such hours.

Why? Do the Grant cheques come before the normal midday post?

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There was an interesting item including interviews with Margaret Hodge and Andrew Mitchell on BBC Radio 4 Today in Parliament last night. Well worth listening to what they had to say and their resolve in the "battle against these evil acts" is clear.

The link is here: - go to 17:00 minutes




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The thing is IOMG has some sort of letter of authority from somebody in UK Gov giving us authority to make tax agreements with OECD & others - as I understand it

Not sure how Hodge & Mitchell can be permitted to attempt to legislate over this

I'd like a explanation please Roger Mexico

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4 hours ago, enbee said:

Would this be the same Margaret Hodge by any chance?


One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us.

Whilst Hodge may have benefited (greatly) from tax avoidance, that wasn't her doing and anyway was not wrongdoing.

What is much more troubling was her reprehensible behaviour when she chaired the UK's Public Accounts Committee, which showed her to be fundamentally unreasonable and borderline dishonest. She's a crook. We should take no lectures in integrity from her.







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1 hour ago, MrPB said:

That link looks dead. 

Try typing “Tax prat of the year” into Taxation home page. Article can be accessed by clicking on article of that name (dated 5 Feb 2013}  at bottom of search results.

Perfect example of M.P.s who grandstand, IMO.

Perhaps the UK could adopt the system tried by Sweden some time ago, where everyone’s tax records were publicly available. It would be a big exercise to bring this in, but they could start with M.P.s.......




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