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UK Establishment exposed


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Just now, quilp said:

And only one bible. As that PK fella says, it's about the interpretation but the scriptures remain the same. 

Even just focusing on the 'New Testament', the gospels contradict each other.

Most people here probably got their idea of Jesus from the Methodists. Their Jesus is soppy. Try reading St Mark. I know that you don't trust experts - but scholars now believe St Mark to be the original and most contemporary telling of what happened. St Mark's Jesus is dangerous and weird. It's a great little book.

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17 minutes ago, pongo said:

Most people here probably got their idea of Jesus from the Methodists.

Statistically, most people get their idea of jesus/mohammed/moses, christ/allah/yahweh from their parents. It's all downhill from there on in. 

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On ‎6‎/‎13‎/‎2018 at 10:51 PM, homarus said:

Well,well,well !

It appears that Mr Wright might be right.

Latest online news  reports that Tommy Robinson has been transferred to a 71% Muslim prison in the midlands overnight !

If true  It's almost like the establishment want to see the death of a brave man and  riots on British streets ,the bastards! They're certainly sending out a clear message to any person looking to stand up against them the scum.

This Tory government is well on the way to becoming the most hated administration in living memory .

All good for UKIP though if they can get their act together.


I look forward to seeing which one of you deluded leftist cowards comes out with the next smug remark from behind the comfort of your computer screen !

So it turns out this is utter bollocks (no surprises there then)...


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