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UK Establishment exposed


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11 minutes ago, quilp said:

Not just "these days," t'was ever thus. 

But people are becoming more aware of it.

The worst part about that story (other than the rape and abuse of young girls...obviously) is the attempt by one of them to "power" his way out of arrest for his disgusting crimes with a "don't you know who I am".

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9 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

Ahh, I didn't realise.  I wonder how the locals have taken to him. I wonder if there's a Cambodian Tommy Robinson.

  You're a prick mate , and I base that statement on a post you made way back trying to belittle a regular female poster .

I,ve no time for your type  and you very rarely contribute anything of note on these forums  apart from snidey comments and as such  are merely a carbuncle on the arse of humanity .

Apart from that you're alright.


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10 hours ago, the stinking enigma said:

I thought homarus was too busy out in cambodia err protecting children from paedophiles. 

You've no idea mate!

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On 6/21/2018 at 7:43 AM, RIchard Britten said:


Seems to be a lot of it going around these days in the circles of "power".


they are former councillors not politicians.......

in other news since khan allowed 9 private fgm clinics to open the nhs has had to open and fund 4 fgm clinics in newham, tower hamlets, redbridge and waltham forest to deal with the after effects......

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