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UK Establishment exposed


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3 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

Wow! Seems to be all this rage is backing up and ejecting itself out through your fingers and all over your keyboard.

I have no idea what you find so offensive and to be honest, you're starting to wierd me out a bit.

I'd learn to use the ignore feature.  Useful for filtering out the dross.

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2 hours ago, woolley said:

Never let anything on here weird you out. You'd be in the straitjacket in no time if you did. Water off a duck's back is the rule at all times. :)

Wise words Woolley, I do dish it out myself so I'm not claiming to be victimised at all,  nor should I, I'm just a bit bemused by the whole episode!

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1 hour ago, woody2 said:

but you still read every post......


Yeah. Never understood that feature. If you want to ignore something just feckin' ignore it. You don't need the computer to ignore it for you. I suppose it's like a comfort blanket that they can't resist peeping out from. :D

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12 hours ago, PottyLisa said:

He seems to have gone a bit quiet after the pathetic hard man act.

Doesn't seem to want to explain his deluded accusations.

Me? Offensive? pfft.

P.m 'd you  pal give me a call!

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8 hours ago, dilligaf said:

Nor is he a "tit"..

Oh he certainly fits the "angry keyboard warrior" profile to a tee.


If Homarus has a bee in his bonnet it will be for good reason.

No he doesn't.  He is angry because he has no understanding of the law, of how society actually is and he is angry because Tommy Bullshitter is in jail (who he views as some sort of white working class anti-paedophile Batman).

He is angry because people smarter than him have shot so many holes in his "thoughts", continually debunked his "stories" and now are showing him up for the "typical angry man" that he is.


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