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UK Establishment exposed

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Many early Zionist settlers were socialist in outlook, especially the kibbutznikim, and many got on well with their Palestinian neighbours. Things first started to change after the State of Israel was established, which happened to coincide with the beginning of the Cold War. Some Arab states and national movements aligned themselves with the Soviets and some with the West, but it was Soviet backed ones that attacked Israel. The US enabled Israel to not just defend itself and match its enemies, but to dwarf its regional enemies in terms of military power. Of course, ‘the West’ during the Cold War was quite liberal, as was Israel, and Israeli politics was dominated by the left. 

Israeli politics changed in 1977 when the Centre Right ‘Likud’ became the ruling party. Since then, Likud have been the dominant political party. Likud itself is composed of moderates and hard-liners. When the hard-liners are in control Israeli policies are to push to expand Israeli territory as far east as the River Jordan, to support illegal (under international law) Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, to ban the teaching of Arabic in Jewish state schools, to push Israeli claims to the whole of Jerusalem, to block the creation of a Palestinian state. It’s economic policies are liberal, supporting free enterprise and free trade with the EU and US (and post-Brexit UK too, whoop, whoop). 

I’m not sure why the European left have chosen to identify with either the Hamas regime of the West Bank or the PLO, other than that they are opposed to Israel and Israel is allied with the US. 

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