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Smart Meters are coming

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Can we not just use the £18m to pay down more of the debt, and revisit this when it is paid off?  

It'll be an expensive disaster. Of that there is nothing more certain.

Is it standing in September ?

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On 3/11/2021 at 7:38 PM, Major Rushen said:

Where my meter lives there is no Wi-Fi signal at all so the meter person will have to keep calling. As I said the new meters do not have the modem installed. I suppose they will not install the modem part until they have been rolled out. However you can refuse to have an external transmitting device on your property and go back to candles and oil lamps.

I don't think they use your wifi

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How many "er's" and "erm's" can one man use? Does Baker actually know what he's trying to explain?

I was electrified by his delivery. 


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36 minutes ago, Banker said:

Cutting the amount it pays all the wealthy greens with own generators to help pay the bills!


There is certainly a strong case for a single infrastructure provider but I am surprised that what is effectively a branch of government still has a monopoly on billing, pricing etc.

Obviously it's dumb not to encourage people to produce electricity from renewables. The sooner the better the gas power station will be shut down for good.  

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