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MT are the world leaders in poor service and extortionate prices

here is an example of the ISP  service I am currently getting via cable in Thailand 

unlimited download and approx £16 per month

the IOM should downgrade itself to third world status for internet99287F04-1C3A-4033-9490-0789CAF64FDA.thumb.png.75c74551b65ba2b89e80862842be3c0f.png

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I've had nowt but crap service from them recently...hours of my time wasted...>3 weeks to fix their line fault.

The helpline seems to being run by school kids...trying to fob you off with threats of charges.

When engineers turn out they are often great. Major mismanagement and possible staff shortages would be my bet. They really need to review their customer service...it's varying from shit to non-existant IME.

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