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IOM Govt Free Wifi Log-in problems

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As this hasn't been raised before I'm guessing I'm the only one affected?

Since time immemorial, I have been able to log-in to the free wifi at the airport or sea terminal - last done, without problem on both phone and tablet, about 3 weeks ago while travelling outbound from the Island.

Intervening period - phone and tablet working perfectly.

Two days ago I tried logging in at the sea terminal with phone;  the prompt to sign into wifi came up, attempted to do so and it wouldn't bring up the MT Welcome log-in page - at least 1/2 dozen attempts made and a time out came up every time.

Today at the airport I tried to log-in with my tablet - again, nothing.

On phone/tablet showed 'connected no internet'.

All other wifi working perfectly.

Something has happened in the past 3 weeks - and I've not altered any of my kit so suspect MT have played around and put in something Android doesn't like.

Any ideas?




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I've sometimes had problems with it in the evenings for some reason. No issues during the day.

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IOM Gov changed contracts for phones etc. to Sure a few months back, dunno if this will have affected it

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