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As part of the 2018 Year of Our Island’s ‘culture month’, there will be the first ‘Manx Music Day’ (Laa Kiaull Manninagh) on Friday 27th July. Culture Vannin has joined forces with Manx Radio and the Manx Music Chart to celebrate the Isle of Man’s vibrant music community and introduce local singer-songwriters and bands to new ears.


Manx Radio take the lead with a whole day devoted to the diverse range of original music produced in the Isle of Man. From breakfast to bedtime, listeners can tune in to hear contemporary Manx rock, pop, rap, blues, jazz and classical music, as well as Manx Gaelic language songs and traditional Celtic music. 


Joining the regular Manx Radio presenters will be a variety of people involved in the Manx music industry, from performers and composers to promoters and recording engineers. Emma Callin, Head of Villa Marina, Gaiety Theatre and the Arts will join Stu Peters on Talking Heads; Culture Vannin’s Manx Music Development Officer, Dr Chloe Woolley and her musician husband, Malcolm Stitt will chat to Christy DeHaven about their musical backgrounds on Conister Rocks; Gypo Buggane gives an audio tour of his recording studio, and there will be guest co-presenters and live performances throughout the day from singers and musicians.


Also involved in this new initiative is Arron Clague, who runs the Manx Music Chart https://www.facebook.com/manxchart/ This weekly top of the pops is based on the listening trends on Spotify, where the ever-growing Manx playlist includes tracks by Davy Knowles, Voodoo Bandits, Mae Challis, Kate Dowman, Jules Verne Theory, The Bobbleheads, Alanna Lyes, Matt Creer, Truman Falls, Alex Harris and a’Nish.


With the recent successes of Manx musicians, including Celtic harpist Mera Royle who won the BBC 2 Young Folk Musician of the Year, and Laxey girl Sam Barks’, who clinched the starring role in the new Broadway production of Pretty Woman, there is currently a lot of interest from around the world and a new-found confidence in the Island’s thriving music scene. It is hoped that ‘Manx music day’ will become an annual event, which could develop to incorporate live gigs around the Island and inspire new musical collaborations. 


To discover some new Manx music this Friday, tune into Manx Radio FM and AM or listen online at manxradio.com and smartphone apps.


More information: https://www.manxradio.com/on-air/manx-music-day/manx-music-day/


Find out about Manx traditional music and performers: www.manxmusic.com



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On 7/20/2018 at 9:17 AM, Declan said:

It's a style of music in which grumpy white men joylessly pretend they're from Mississippi. 

Oh god. I think I might have once seen the band you are talking about at a thing in Laxey a few years ago. 

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