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More death and destruction

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Vespa scooter and a Cotton Trials. Weighed more than I did, I certainly didn't jump from rock to rock on that beast!!!

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9 hours ago, paswt said:

It's predecessors were the C10/11/12 , the 'go to work bike' and referred to as "grey porridge " by those with more exotic machinery .

I could only afford a C 12 way back and now have what some consider desirable motorcycles but still enjoy  a bimble on a 250 C 12, speed isn't everything IMO.

I know of folk who have Goldies and Shadows who  still enjoy a ride-out on  a 125/250

out of idle curiosity what was the first bike you owned ?


I think you took my statement far too seriously.  As a matter of fact,my first bike was an S65 when I was 10 years old.


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