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Good, Reliable, Custom Built Pc,s, Mini's & Racks

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I had the following AMD Custom Built PC shipped over from www.Vadim.co.uk in Southampton and I was impressed on the customer service offered. Even though there were some initial hiccups, none of whcih were Vadim's fault but that of the courier, because of this company's forethought and consideration for the end-user the insurance cover and customer care during the downtime is second to none! I have done, and will continue to recommend this company! First class service and products!

Case: Chenbro Gaming Bomb Silver with Window (No PSU)

Case PSU: TaurusX 400W PFC CE PSU OEM Boxed

Case Moddings: Coolermaster Aerogate II ALD-V02-UK Black

Case Fan: Coolermaster 80mm Green LED Case Fan

Case Fan 2: 120mm Green LED Case Fan

Case Lights: HiPer Green Cold Cathode Kit

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7N400-PRO2

CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3200 OEM 400FSB Barton oem

CPU Fan: Gigabyte GH-PCV31-VH (3D Cooler-Ultra GT) (all CPUs)

Memory 1: 512MB DDR400 NON ECC (KINGSTON)

Memory 2: 512MB DDR400 NON ECC (KINGSTON)

Hard Drive 1: 80Gb Maxtor 7200 8mb Cache SATA

Hard Drive 2: 80Gb Maxtor 7200 8mb Cache SATA

Graphics: GeCube RADEON 256MB X800 Pro

Optical Drive: BTC 52X24X52X16 CDRW DVD Combo Retail with silver&black beze

Optical Drive 2: BTC 8x dvd dual rewritable drive retail with black and silver be

Floppy Drive: Sony 3.5\" Floppy Drive - Black

Building: Standard Build (3-5 days)

This is the DBs or MNs of the bespoke PC market! Excellent value and excellent service!

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Thanks Ans!


I've editted it again as the url was w tolerant and had too many as well...


As for the cost... you go on the site and work it out... plus a little bit of discount for being cheeky!

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