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What Would You Like To See On The Island?

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Hmmm its a topic i often wonder about myself! the fact that the island has no more than just 1 mc'd's and kfc for 80,000 peeps that reside there!

A cinema with only 2 screens... to be honest its failing to keep up with the rest of the world! i've been living here for 19 years, me being only 19 i joined the army 3ish years ago and pretty much been all over the uk.

The crazy thing that alot of the people i have met didnt know where the isle of man actually was...... :unsure:


The only thing we got going for us is the TT and the very basic night life. Still... i enjoy myself when i'm over never the less.


slightly off topic there i think.... ice ring would be ideal, get the ice hockey on the go!

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Well yeah I agree. For all the countryside and well-paid jobs when it comes to the leisure, entertainment and recreation on the island there is b*gger all.

Though considering the amount of clubs and pubs the appeal of alcohol can easily eclipse the demand for these things.


We definitely need a better cinema and maybe another somewhere else other than Douglas.


I would say Chebobs I don't think we need another MacDonalds or KFC on the island. It is hardly high quality food, especially the former.


I wish there was more in the way of theatre productions on the island too. Seems very limited at the moment. I am jot a huge theatre going person but I like to go now and again but I there aren't there many different things on.

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