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What makes you laugh?

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5 hours ago, Linz said:

Thanks for being so nice. As far as I’m concerned I’m just trying to ask reasonable questions as a lot of the answers given above don’t make sense to me when I see a lot of really offensive and awful stuff posted on here about a lot of politicians and links to blogs like news night which makes all sorts of accusations about government corruption. Some people seem to think that it looks like one person has diplomatic immunity to me - and when people try to ascertain whether that’s the case the answers just don’t stack up IMHO and then even more denials that that is the case then follow..That’s all. Are you not allowed to ask questions on here either? The unwritten rules are very complex and confusing indeed. 

You are like a bad record that doesn’t go away. Apart from you, nobody is bothered about a one trick pony poster...

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So true.  People who dish out insults anonymously online are tiny cocked losers.

That’s your view and your entitled to it. I’m very patriotic and I can’t stand the way government and officers that we employ via our taxes are totally destroying the IOM and most chances of it turnin

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37 minutes ago, Linz said:

Do I? 

Strange as I rarely post on here. Are you yet another poster making poor assumptions about other posters? 

Rarely post as Linz or rarely post?

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1 hour ago, Linz said:

 Classic trolling techniques. I’m not surprised some posters are very familiar with trolling terms that nobody else even knows. They seem to actively study trolling techniques and then use them to bully people online and discredit their posts. All quite sad but thanks for pointing it out. I dont intend to play with the trolls as after a long  drawn out process I got an explanation from a proper moderator. So that’s the end of it. 

I liked the pre-denial most though - which was strenuously denying it had anything to do with Rob Callister before anyone had even said they thought it had anything to do with Rob Callister. That was a pretty special way to set the thread tone up. I must remember that one. 

Projection. Full of it. 

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1 hour ago, pongo said:

This page seems to be the only one with that misspelling of tariffs here in the past year:

ETA: take that back actually. I (using Google) cannot find any examples of the word being spelled like that in the past year

Maybe at a different site?

You're not searching the MF database hard enough old chum. Try the thread, "So The UK is Finished Says Theresa Mayhem." You'll see what I mean... 

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21 minutes ago, quilp said:

I've just had this email from the poster formally known as 'TJ' who asked me to pass on his message...



TJ still feverishly reading Manx Forums then.

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6 minutes ago, pongo said:

Yes you were right.

I agree with you that spelling is important.

And not just that. It's the stresses and rhythms of what is contained in any post. The nuances are not hard to grasp. Seems to me that some who complain about the puppetry on here are some of the worst offenders...

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14 minutes ago, quilp said:

Seems to me that some who complain about the puppetry on here are some of the worst offenders...

So maybe I am missing something. But I'm not making that connection. I can only see two posters who have spelled tariffs as tarrifs in the past year and I am fairly certain they are not connected.

And apart from Mr Angry, is anyone else really complaining about the P word?

Not that any of this matters. We'll all be dead and gone soon enough.

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3 hours ago, quilp said:

You don't need to be a forensic graphologist to recognise the commonalities within posts. It could be just a word or two, or the context used. A spelling error: a prime example being the consistent mis-spelling of the word 'tariffs' being spelt 'tarrifs.' Easy to see through if you can be bothered to look hard enough. There's also the ubiquitous insinuation that a poster must be very angry, or drunk, or both because they posted something another poster didn't like.

You know who you are...

It's fucking boring as well as annoying. Good on the mod whoever they were, to curtail that poster.

This thread is brilliant as it’s a great induction into what a bunch of tedious, bullying, pretentious pricks you all seem to be. It looks to me that you are trying to get a poster banned by making false accusations and comparisons to other posters so that you can then go crying to the mods. Your trolling really is very see through and childish. I’m sure anyone with any intelligence can see it for what it is. By anyone with any intelligence I am of course referring to none of you. 

Edited by Linz
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