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Misuse of Tesco car park


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15 hours ago, piebaps said:

I think that using terminology for disabled people to insult others is especially low.......

You're right. It was very insensitive of me and I will refrain in future. Please pass on my sincerest apologies to all the spastics for whom you are speaking.

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On 9/13/2018 at 11:11 AM, PottyLisa said:

He did seem to be getting unreasonably angry about stuff


Yes.  Never was there a poster with a more inappropriate user name. He seemed to give more than a fuck about a lot of things.  I hope he's finding some peace on his retreat.

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wrong word wrong place
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On the maybe 8 times a year I take the car to Douglas I tend to park there and walk into town. It is convenient coming from south, it is free, I don't have to drive on the prom, there's always a space, I don't have to give money to DC. I'm not likely to be in town for more than 2 hours, but on the off chance I bump into someone and go for a coffee or something it is handy. Making it a two hour disc zone is a nuisance, and makes it more likely I will spend less time in Douglas (a good thing for me, less of a good thing for the wonderful delights of Strand Street).

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