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The mayhem is to commence anytime now

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You have been warned, so perhaps it would be wise to get the Christmas shopping done and dusted.  The work on the promenade is imminent !!!!! I usually get the bus to town, on the odd time I decide to go down to wander past the coffee and charity shops, quick thought if the rents are as high as claimed how do charity shops afford them ?   so I suppose I will not get affected by the traffic bedlam. It will be interesting how it will be managed and how far down they are going to go to reinforce the new prom, also have they discovered where the old gas mains are yet ?    The only certainty is it will cost about three times the estimated  price and take three times as long as expected.   If I live long enough to see it finished I will be a very happy bunny.

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Harmer is in a dream world, he says that bad parking is to blame for cars not being able to pass trams, that means every car on the prom is badly parked? The fact is that vehicles are all much wider n

Because it is easy and very noticeable, so it will look like theyve done quite a lot of work.

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From the DOI Facebook page:

The Douglas Promenade Refurbishment project will start shortly, with preparatory and enabling works beginning next week.

Starting on Monday 17 September, work will take place in several locations, the most prominent being major carriageway resurfacing on King Edward Road and the removal of the raised garden area on Harris Promenade

It will also include the removal of kerbing, benches and other highway furniture.

The Department is in the process of finalising the construction programme and traffic management strategy for the scheme.

During the construction period, which is expected to take up to two years, the Department will provide regular updates and feedback on progress. A dedicated Project Liaison Officer has recently been appointed to ensure promenade users, residents and business owners are kept up to date.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer MHK said: ‘The preparatory works will mark the beginning of a period of transformation and we are delighted to make a start on this landmark project, fittingly during the 'Year of our Island'.

‘This is an exciting time and will see a substantial investment into a major route into Douglas. Ultimately this will create something that residents will benefit from for years to come and will represent a lasting legacy for future generations.’

The preparatory works are not expected to lead to significant travel disruption, with every effort being made to limit any inconvenience to promenade users.

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Taking the seats away!!! Why??!!! Why has no one from the DOI said anything to me about this!!?? Where am I going to sit if go down the prom???  




Says the Facebook rants.   


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6 minutes ago, Howard said:

Will the whole Promenade be closed or what? Does anybody have a link to a map of affected areas?

Working in sections starting from port jack end by the sounds of it. Don’t think they will close it at all. Just have traffic lights here and there. 

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