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Hurricane Season

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Hurricane Florence about to smash into the Carolinas will no doubt occupy the news for a day or two because its America, but have you seen that Typhoon in the Pacific that's about to demolish the philippines? It is ENORMOUS! Here is a comparison ISh6ywb.jpg

Anyway, some people seem to think that Helene is gonna track north and while it will have lost power may hit the UK next week, although I don't really believe that.

Keep an eye out on this awesome site https://earth.nullschool.net/



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A globe? Good luck with that theory...

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I'm sorry but speaking as someone that has had a bobble hat blown off my head on more than one occasion while still going about my daily business, i find it a little difficult to get into the drama of a tv weatherman stood on a beach wearing a baseball cap throughout, telling me how bad florence is. These people need to get a grip it's embarrassing.

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