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Hurricane Season

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Hurricane Florence about to smash into the Carolinas will no doubt occupy the news for a day or two because its America, but have you seen that Typhoon in the Pacific that's about to demolish the philippines? It is ENORMOUS! Here is a comparison ISh6ywb.jpg

Anyway, some people seem to think that Helene is gonna track north and while it will have lost power may hit the UK next week, although I don't really believe that.

Keep an eye out on this awesome site https://earth.nullschool.net/



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Oh it's not real, its created by NASA shills and Hurricane Michael is actually a crisis actor, and all the footage of flooding and roofs flying around were made by the jews in Hollywood.

Surely you mean hexagonal?

I'm sorry but speaking as someone that has had a bobble hat blown off my head on more than one occasion while still going about my daily business, i find it a little difficult to get into the drama of a tv weatherman stood on a beach wearing a baseball cap throughout, telling me how bad florence is. These people need to get a grip it's embarrassing.

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