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Wild goats

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won't somebody think of the kids!

They can quite often be seen from the Laxey to Ramsey coast road on the headland fields in the Bulgham area. Been a feature for many years. Hopefully we'll get coachloads of cruiseship visitors u

Lived on the Island all my life, often used that road, seen the notice but never a goat.

9 hours ago, mollag said:

Much like mutton, best in a curry IMHO.

They have been there for 40 years plus, they commute using the tram lines, I have seen them as far down as Minorca, raiding gardens for munchies.


Could they be a local tourist attraction, much like the monkeys on Jibralta ?

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The photos are totally out of context. How do we know some person isn't chasing them towards the camera? It's not normal herd behaviour for these goats.

They're trying to make a storm in a teacup. Been driving past the goats there for years and never had any problems. The main problem on the road is stupid drivers going too fast and not paying attention to what's in front of them.

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If you take the MER tram north out of Laxey, you can see goats in the fields on both sides of the track.

The ones that you don't get to see are those that are grazing down the cliff side.

The main traffic problem will be at dawn/dusk, when they are most likely to be repositioning.

Their numbers have been increasing over the last few years, as has the number of wallabies.

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