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More IOM Government Spin

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44 minutes ago, doc.fixit said:

..yes, I know that but the point is they couldn't sell them ...............BTW our house was built in the nineteen eighties and is neither damp nor rotten, it was also good value when we bought it five years ago, the previous Manx cottage was also like that...............I do take the point that many folk will appreciate a guarantee and a brand new place..........but still can't see how all the new and proposed houses will be easily sold..........

They won't.

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I think what popularity he initially gleaned was in his initial "opposition" stance; asking awkward questions, making life uncomfortable. Alf Cannan was the same, ripping into Eddie Teare's Budge

The latest steaming pile trumped by Chris Thomas, Deputy Chief Minister, and heavily promoted by the National Broadcaster, Manx Radio - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/gdp-up-by-7

Any GDP reporting is usually done just in time to soften up the masses for some mega spendthrift wastage in the pipeline. Ports and the Steam Racket this time. Meaningless drivel to the average w

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