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"Chemtrails" would be testable and verifiable if they existed - but in my experience, the believers don't seem to be interested in proof, positive or negative, instead using it as a frame around a ser

Manxy, I am just a bloke, who is now getting a bit old and worn out by life, who's fascinated by science and what it has done to improve the world.  I believe in cock ups and not conspiracies, bu

The US also ignored repeated attempts by the Japanese to surrender for months prior to the atomic bombs being dropped. They wanted to use the bombs as a warning to the Soviets and others. Ma

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I'm employed in the chemtrail industry. I'm not supposed to talk about it really, but I trust you guys, and can confirm it's really happening. I'm not going to say too much but if you want to be part of the The New Civilisation just make sure you don't drink any liquids based on water, steer clear of vegetables, and only eat meat from carnivorous animals.

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Conspiratory theorists often  seem to be believers in more than one -or even all available,  conspiratory theories it seems.

But the most  extraordinary characteristic of these believers seems to be a conviction that these cunningly clever conspirators ,  known as  “ they”,  are incredibly well organised. Their secret society  apparently strides across all  national boundaries ,somehow  avoiding all the usual political and governmental machinery  and bureaucratic controls that normally succesfulyy  tangle-up  every other aspect of human life. 

Even if one were to accept  that  these  intricate and  sinister   machinations  exist,let alone actually work, the success in just  keeping everything secret would be a   staggering acheivement.

Anyone who has had anything to do with any organistion  big or small,especially with government  involvement, will  know that this level of organisational success simply cannot  exist in this way.

  ” Cock -up” is a   more likely reality than “Conspiracy”.

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3 minutes ago, paul's got wright said:

Would you class weather modification, geoengineering,  climate modification, as conspiracy theories? 

Just lump it in alongside flat earthers... :whistling:

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