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Rob Callister

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2 hours ago, english zloty said:

Well I think he's very clever. Who else could fit an hour's exercise a day into 2hrs 6minutes.

Perhaps we should all have used his watch and fully enjoyed staying 8.7 miles away from home

There was never any time limit on how long you could exercise for

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It seems like they did a briefing last Thursday to members and this is where they "Informed them" of the planned trajectory. This seems disingenous of Quayle. It's one thing to have an informal b

Haha is Rob really complaining about unnecessary questions in Tynwald?  "How much does is cost to send a letter to Jersey?" Idiot.

Hello Mr. PB A family member has alerted me to your posts and as your observations are not correct, it’s only fair that I correct them for you. I joined the civil service on 17th May 1976 wi

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He wants to learn the difference between a supplementary question and a question.

To put a question to the Chief Minister infers that you have  either an emergency question or question on the question paper.

When writing a blog for your constituents clarity is key you would think.

Very much like  Randall Caldric who he thinks is chairman of the visit Isle of man agency.

He has edited again like the Bill Shimmins faux pa, hoping no one would notice.


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On ‎4‎/‎25‎/‎2020 at 2:58 AM, Wilson said:

Who is this Callister fellow. I’ve never come across him. Is he a soap star or one of those reality star types. Do tell. No porkies though like he is an MHK or some nonsense.

You are trying too hard to be "new"

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15 minutes ago, Neil Down said:


Wow quite impressive considering he couldn’t even remember the name of the former home affairs minister whose funeral he was attending. These are very strange times indeed. 

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Strange that so near to next years general election (& campaigning has begun) some MHKs are cosying up to the Quayle administration

You'd think they'd be doing the opposite

Unless of course they have new ideas to offer for regeneration of the corvirus-19 economy

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Out of the blue said:

Tell me more...

I believe he flouted the lock down and stay at home rules by going out for two bouts of exercise as opposed to the permitted  one which he then wrote about in his blog

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, The Duck of Atholl said:

Former lockdown breaker now in charge of the Police?...interesting times

I would imagine they must be petrified as to what might make its way onto his public blog now that he will be party to matters of national security. It might be interesting to watch how many significant breaches of the official secrets act occur in short order through trying to inform the public about what’s going on. Where has the previous incumbent moved to? 

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