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3 hours ago, 747-400 said:

Or by including Hooper and Edge, silence two of the most vocal critics of the last Government.

Edge was very much team Cannan. Why do you think she got what she wanted and Callister was offered her old job? Perhaps it was a pisstake which Callister was all to aware of hence his hissy fit.

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50 minutes ago, SleepyJoe said:

Certainly Ms Edge is now - was she before she voted for Cannan and joined his government?

I haven’t personally seen anything to suggest she was pro Cannan, other than voting for him as CM.


I really thought she would have been behind someone not in the last CoMan.

ETA: now seen Ham n Eggs informed response. 

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Bring LH and JE in now so when the inevitable real politik decisions have to be taken they either a) get grubby with CoMin or b) flounce and forever be perceived as the sniping bitter backbencher. Same happened with PK and KB and it pretty much finished both if them politically.

RC doesnt seem to get that and/or the sensible idea that CoMin ought not to be a group think confirmatory place if all voices the same.

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