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Rob Callister

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Rob Callister has been all over Facebook especially IOMNP making public pronouncements, electricity prices are going up. That was obvious it would happen. My concern is his use of social media as a megaphone for his announcements, in his official capacity. 

Shouldn’t he set make the proposal, and then Tynpotwald discuss (rubber stamp) it and then vote? Be prepared for more gnashing of teeth, and handwringing especially from the ‘poor committee’ who say one thing but will vote yes for it.

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22 hours ago, hissingsid said:

The post was praising the emergency services who were called out and dealt with the problem.

The emergency services were making clear to the community it was unsafe to be out and about we have an MHK failing to adhere to the advice forcing the services to attend an incident which any sensible person should and could have avoided.


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