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Rob Callister

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8 hours ago, Omobono said:

don't know whats worse ,handing out tickets for Tynwald to constituents   or handing out biscuits and sweets at his house of keys  election   hustings meeting ,  what a KNOB ! 

Do MHKs have a biscuit budget for constituent meetings?  

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17 minutes ago, english zloty said:

We would've delivered 500,000 tourists if it wasn't for those pesky transport links.

You somehow feel they will get very close to that figure even if they have to send coach loads of CS and their families away on day trips to Liverpool every weekend . 

They will do anything rather than lose face. 😂

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3 minutes ago, emesde said:

"Forty-seven cruise ships are due to visit the island this year," 

I've seen a couple, is this a realistic figure? 

There's one currently passing about 20 miles off the west coast maybe it'll get lumped into the figures!

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2 hours ago, 0bserver said:

It's better to have no Easyjet Manchester flights than Easyjet Manchester flights that get severely delayed and cancelled every few days. 


Although I hear Big Rob tried to give Stelios a call to give him what for. So far Stelios hasn't called him back.

He's going to his political surgery on Saturday though . Wants a free ticket for Tynwald ! 

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