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Rob Callister

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5 hours ago, cissolt said:

A one hour handover shows how little a minister is involved in the department.

Well the fact that both of them read out speeches at the IOMG Conference that had been written for someone else as if it was all their own idea, does rather illustrate just how literally they are the mouthpieces of the civil servants.

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22 hours ago, joebean said:

The remainder of the Ministerial posts are divided amongst the remaining, more experienced politicians


Unfortunately the only way to gain that experience is to go into politics....

After all we all started driving with 'L' plates. Well, mostly, anyway...

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39 minutes ago, Numbnuts said:

Think the courts are having something to say about that .

Timing is everything , they say.  

Perhaps too soon for such an interview as it has only highlighted for me the fact that there is more burning of midnight oil needed. 

Some of the issues need attention sooner rather than later.

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1 hour ago, Mr Helmut Fromage said:

A one hour handover @Rob Callisteryou had a longer induction to use a pallet truck at Shoprite when you worked there - “Turn the beans label forward ask the man in charge for 150 nurses and 20 Consultants”

Never has an individual been so far out of his depth.

Its actually now becoming quite dangerous 

Did you notice how he said he applied for the job? What the interview? How many other applicants? Rob Callister and Jason Moorehouse on the shortlist? 

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16 hours ago, Boo Gay'n said:

"We need to draw a line under the historical and legacy issues."

Yes, the usual Govt approach. Let's conveniently forget and dismiss the past and all those awkward, embarrassing and as yet unresolved issues.

Just keep looking forward, the taxpayers can be relied on to quietly deal with anything from the past arising from rank Govt corruption and incompetence.

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10 hours ago, Wavey Davey said:

Only if you include the fraudulent Louis Group who operated various structures which relieved many international investors of their stakes which provided an uplift from forklift duties. 

Rob was parachuted in to save the company with his immense knowledge and skill. Unfortunately he wasn't recruited soon enough to prevent the total meltdown.

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