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Rob Callister

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56 minutes ago, piebaps said:

No surprises there. If you ever go on a package holiday and book an excursion, you are most likely being ripped off. The reps earn bonuses for sales and probably backhanders from the businesses too. Its just the way of the world.

As I said before though, it's a whole different level of over-charging with cruise companies.  In part this is because of their business model - they try to keep the basic cost of the cruise low-ish and discount from it quite a lot.  This means that to make their profits they need to charge heavily on the 'extras' such as the excursions.  So the mark-up on those is phenomenal - maybe two or three times the cost to the cruise company. 

It's a lot more extra than you would get away with on a land-based package holiday's add-on tours where holiday-makers have more of chance to shop around than a cruise passenger would.  Some people will pay a bit more for the convenience, but you can't put too much extra on.

And of course the guides get backhanders as anyone who's ever thought "Oh God! Not another carpet shop" will tell you.  But there are some people for whom a holiday is just an excuse to do more shopping, so they're catering for them as well.

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6 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

They actually do free tours every Monday and Friday.  A cruise company would probably go on about 'special access' and charge £50.

Guess that they've got to make an effort to get back the £18M+ that they spent renovating the chambers, during T. Brown's tenure a few years back. In fact, IIRC, that ran a little over budget too..?

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I don't think spending £100m on a deepwater birth is justifiable. There aren't the tourist numbers coming here because the weather is pretty miserable. People used to come back in the day because "going abroad" i.e to a non English speaking country was more difficult. Cheap holidays to Spain cured that and now people jolly off for weekends at the drop of a hat very cheaply everywhere...but not here.

If the Island wants to present a USP then, as distasteful and disruptive as some might find it, I think it's motor racing and road closures for other events. I really don't think that a deepwater birth and trip to the Laxey Wheel is the answer.

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19 hours ago, Grounds Keeper Willy said:

I did hear it. They seem to be so desperate now that even £100M spent to justify their jobs looks like an ok deal to them rather than them actually having to explain to the public why nobody is coming here. Some of the figures quoted also seemed to show that government is making more out of the cruises than the private sector. So again I’m sure £100M spent looks like a good way of ensuring that 50 jobs at a free museum and some castles don’t get lost. It seems a totally bonkers business case.

I can't recall a Government business case in the past few years which would hold water in a boardroom ! but then again it doesn't have to, its not their money ! I can't think of a bunch of politicos with less regard for other peoples cash than the showers we have had over the past 25yrs !!

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