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La Colombe

F1 2021

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Fab. Trouble with F1 as I see it is that there are two championships, and that muddies the water and leads to the best car producing the world champion driver, whether he deserves it or not. Watched an F3 race earlier, and the cars seem to perform virtually identically, so you're seeing the best drivers winning. I reckon they should run two championships at the same time - one for the team prize, the other (using sealed identical F1-type cars from a single manufacturer like Lola) for the driver's crown.

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Good idea but the teams wouldn't go for it? All about 'showcasing' their product.

Over regulated? Zero tolerance on wing width but allow 'blowing through the wheels to upset the handling of the car behind???

Four wheels, an engine and a gearbox, oh, and whats the other thing........... oh yes, a driver.

Another 5kgs of fuel next year to stop the 'Fuel saving mode'? But they don't fill up to the brim at the moment!!!

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