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Population growth challenged.

Max Power

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2 hours ago, Rog said:

Start with our forced open borders. Then throw in our loss of sovereignty. Our loss of rights to our fisheries, EU quota constraints that saw our orchards destroyed our fishing fleet literally burnt on the shores, the list just goes on and on.

Let's not turn this into another brexit thread.

So just leave the nonsense quoted above to wither on the vine and move on.....

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2 hours ago, NoTail said:

I would have said that 40 years membership of the European union has brought great prosperity to the UK, improved standards in general, made the UK more out looking in general as well.

I am trying to think of the disasters brought on us by membership and so far failed.

its made everyone poorer since 2004......


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16 hours ago, Neil Down said:

care to expand?

Not really Neil, it's this rather simplistic view of matters that has led to the Brexit shambles we have. I don't want to get embroiled in a Brexit/Remain argument (although I am a remainer) However, by example I would suggest anyone who thinks the EU has decimated the fishing industry read this...


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