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Bad Drivers

Gee Cee

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There are two news stories out today. Both concerning bad drivers.

The first story is about a 17 year old being rather foolish with a motorcycle. He was disqualified from driving. Prior to this court appearance, he had previously been disqualified from driving for dangerous driving!

The second story is about a 28 year old with 27 points on his licence. He has now been banned from driving for a year.

My worry is that neither of these people is likely to take any notice of their driving bans.

Short of locking them up, what can be done to keep complete idiots like this, off the road?


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GPS tag.  If you’re doing over 2mph not on a bus route expect a copper to come and find you.  

You may be in a taxi going to sign on, or a passenger, in a mates car, but your mates and cab firms will soon get pissed off with getting stopped and not bother giving you a lift.

As a bus passenger, easily confirmed with the bus app, and the fact you keep stopping at bus stops.

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1 hour ago, gettafa said:

Money saving tip: don't bother with expensive car insurance - the fine for not having insurance is less than the cost of the insurance itself.

Glad you're not my financial advisor...

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