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Just now, dilligaf said:

The police don't make the laws, they just do their best to uphold them.

I'm aware of that but for fuck sake they could and should exercise common sense and be selective on the laws they uphold based on individual worth. It's not like they are saints is it, the majority will be law breakers themselves in varying degrees.

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7 hours ago, Declan said:

Try including you employer’s pension contributions in your answer next time a mortgage application asks for your annual salary. 

Employer pension contributions are part of salary, but they are not immediately accessible so of no relevance to a mortgage application, unless you're near pension age and the income from it might form part of the mortgage payments, though I doubt a bank would give a mortgage in that context unless it was part of some ad hoc financial wizardry by an accountant so a HNWI can reduce their income tax liability. Bringing up mortgage applications is just introducing an irrelevant scenario to this discussion.

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When debating which workers are the most important, people usually  put Nurses at the top, yet, it is the Doctors that decide the diagnosis and the treatment.

For todays society, the power workers are the most important, without them we would not have all our toys, Nurses/Doctors would not have their equipment to help us, computers to google our symptoms to and without electricity........ we would not have our mobile phones!!!!!


Electricity provides just about everything that we rely on today. We may have done without it i the past but us wimps could not survive without it today.

Power Workers Rule. OK!

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