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So who is doing the TT commentry for 2019 ?


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9 hours ago, dilligaf said:

I miss the good old days of Geoff Cannell, Peter Kneale, Tommy Robb etc.


Do you recall how frequently, when another commentator handed back to Peter Kneale at the grandstand, he would repeat their final couple of words and then add “...indeed, here at the TT Grandstand”.

(Geoff Cannell) - “This is simply tremendous racing”

(PK) - “Tremendous racing indeed, here at the TT Grandstand”


(Tommy Robb) - “I’m afraid that visibility is patchy on the mountain”

(PK) - “Patchy on the mountain indeed, here at the TT Grandstand” (??)


I often wondered if he’d do so regardless of what the previous commentator said...

(GC) - “Sitting on the hedge opposite me is a woman with absolutely massive tits”

(PK) - “Massive tits indeed, here at the TT Grandstand”.

I miss that generation of commentators too. They were somehow more authentic than what followed.

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