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I've explained this before Derek. From a friend working for a firm who is responsible for lots of services  , not Auldyn etc , while they had a concept plan from day one ie what the finished job would

It's not Harmer's direct fault. Nor any of those we elect. APART from not having the departmental and relevant experience and balls to stand up to and question the reams of bullshitters and chanc

But the problem isn't the horse trams.  It's the corporate culture of the Manx civil service.  Rather than accept the reality of what their main job is, which is maintain existing structures in the mo

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58 minutes ago, Amadeus said:

One bit I discovered from the audio is that the cracked pink concrete is being fixed now https://frankdrives.com/remedial-work-now-underway-to-fix-cracked-pink-prom-concrete/

Trying to be not overly cynical about this but not sure how this is going to work. I walked a 300 mtre or so length of the pink concrete and counted over 460 cracks of all different widths and lengths . Also be interesting to see how the repaired cracks will blend with the now older concrete which even now already is fading in different rates . I watch very interested . Hope it does work though !   

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2 hours ago, ellanvannin2010 said:

From the levels this looks like the final surface that the DOI are putting in on the pavement just north of the Palace.

Not exactly a top quality finish, two completely different shades.


Thats not acceptable in any shape or form. If this was your drive would you accept it ?? 

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On 11/13/2020 at 1:35 PM, NoTail said:

looking at the fancy new pedestrian crossing today. The strange idea of having the curb stones too high at the sides seems like an invitation to sue the government when people with impaired vision trip over.


It is very strange as the raised kerb is not the same distance from the edge of the crossing on any of the 4 corners. The crossing at Howard St looks as though its going to be the same. I cannot fathom out what they are trying to achieve but to the casual observer it just looks plain daft and  potentially dangerous.

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Had a drive along the promenade today and a thought struck me, apart from what a piece of shite this is going to look like when they eventually finish it. These are my own musings  and have no basis in fact what's so ever. The thing that struck me was due to one mans ego and desire to leave a legacy on the island, The prom is at least three years behind schedule and close to three times over budget. So from now on I will no longer be referring to it as the promenade, and hence forth will be Longworth's folly. Hopefully people will join me in its use and it will go down in Manx folklore, and 20/30 years down the line when a public house quiz master asks why was the promenade known as Longworth's folly. You will be able to furnish him with the correct answer, It was down to that knob Dirty Buggane. And hopefully that will be my legacy.

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25 minutes ago, NoTail said:

Do you think it will be finished in 20/30 years time?

The actual project will be "finished" but they'll still be on the remedials.

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