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23 minutes ago, NoTail said:

I was not convinced bt Mr Baker's performance on the radio 

He said the foundations were rotten and needed to be replaced.  I saw no evidence of that. In fact I even heard a story that workers were complaining that they were too solid and hard to excavate, now replaced with lower standard hardcore.

He also emphasised the problem of services being difficult to replace.  This does not ring true, of course old victorian pipes and drains and things need replacing.  This happens all over the world on all big engineering projects.  Competent contractors do that stuff all the time.

A project like this should be planned with precision before even starting. 

I was also told the same by a couple of guys who worked down there for 4 months . All the spoil was put through a crusher and reused and isnt up to standard and yes , original was indeed very substantial. Your last sentence hits the nail on the head as to where the problem has been from the start 

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I've explained this before Derek. From a friend working for a firm who is responsible for lots of services  , not Auldyn etc , while they had a concept plan from day one ie what the finished job would

It's not Harmer's direct fault. Nor any of those we elect. APART from not having the departmental and relevant experience and balls to stand up to and question the reams of bullshitters and chanc

But the problem isn't the horse trams.  It's the corporate culture of the Manx civil service.  Rather than accept the reality of what their main job is, which is maintain existing structures in the mo

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30 minutes ago, Derek Flint said:

They always do with no traffic on them. Let’s see what it’s like when chokka with parking, and when there is eventually a horse tram trotting up the middle...

Is it trotting down the middle? They’ve got the curve in the tracks past Broadway to direct the trams onto the seaward pavement.

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11 minutes ago, John Wright said:

Why the strip down the centre. Thought the trams were going on seaward side pavement?

Means they don't have to change the existing parking regulations just for this Christmas?  Presumably there will be more tweaks before it's finalised.  Not that the DoI ever cares much for legalities.

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I find Tim Baker’s performances on the radio quite fascinating. He is a man confidently stating his ability to swim whilst floundering around in a septic tank filled by Nick Black. It is difficult to decide whether the pleasure of saving him would be greater than watching him drown. I am tending toward the latter. 

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9 minutes ago, John Wright said:

Suppose it’s a central lane separator? Wonder if that complies with Manx Signs?

I seem to remember that on the original plans it was labelled as 'pedestrian refuge', but yes, it's basically a lane separator

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