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34 minutes ago, finlo said:
37 minutes ago, The Voice of Reason said:

OK Emily Pankhurst having a dance

Pissed up? Couldn't have been in the Villa it's impossible to get served often enough there to get pissed!

Quarter bottle of vodka from the Coey stuck down her knickers.

They know all the tricks, them suffragettes.

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I'm expecting some anorexic young lady, 'spirit of the arts' type thing who will bring howls of protest about unrealistic body types, fatism and mysoginy from the woke brigade. Probabaly BLM too if she's not obvioulsy ethnic in some way, though that might back fire if it's too sterotypical.

But then I'm a cynic. Hopefully it will go unremarked after a few days of comments, like the Bee Gees and not a national joke. Fingers crossed.


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God help the powers that be if they get this wrong ! I like the Bee Gee's statue and at least we knew that was happening this could be the straw that broke the camels back if they get it wrong . Their track record isn't good tbh .

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