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Promenade - Megathread


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8 hours ago, Numbnuts said:

See the gift that keeps on giving ...if your a Sefton shareholder that is. Apparently according to MR the works around the Sefton cannot be itemised seperatly so would seem the taxpayer picks up the costs. Despite earlier DOI said that works around the area Sefton would contribute . Needs to be questions asked about all this as too much seems to go on around Sefton and Government. John Shimmin anybody ??!!  

So it was specified in detail, included in the pre-tender estimate and presumably the contracts include BoQ's. Not sure this flies with the Treasuries Capital Procedures. And, apart from the fact you know it'd be a token amount, why would a business like Sefton contribute if the work was necessary and included in thr project. And then if they contributed £20,000 say (pure speculation), why would they do that without knowing the works cost less than that.

This is public money we have a right to know how it is being spent, that is why there are QS's paid very nice fees to watch every penny.

They seem to be still faffing about with the paving, noticed the roundel lines are fading already under the rubber. So that was money well wasted. On the bright side as more rubber gets laid down we'll eb able to see the accumulted lanes to follow as road markings seem to a be a thing of the past. I still haven't gotten used to senssation that I'm going the worng way with the singlke lanes in front of the Villa Marina Arcade where there used to be dual lanes both directions with he island down the middle.

North of Broadway the enlarged gap between the tram tracks is such a waste of space. Guess thats where the poles will go eventually.

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15 hours ago, The Phantom said:

The hipsters will love it. 

A post modern piece, combining the demise of the internal combustion engine with the metaphorical car crash that has been the prom redevelopment. 

 I drink chai. Am I a hipster? Please say yes. I’d love to be one. 

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1 hour ago, Declan said:

I went past the Sefton yesterday and it looks like their outside seating compound issuing the same paving materials as the rest of the Prom. Are they paying the DOI for that?

Yes and its a raised area also . Stainless steel poles set in I guess for safety. But its all the same as all the areas around there. To say basically they couldnt quantify it is 100% bullshit. Lots of people make their living just doing that . Called Quantity Surveyors last time I looked !!!. Guess maybe they just work for the DOI and therefore it doesnt matter how much a job is priced out at as the good old public will stump up as normal regardless. This statement announced about the Sefton area says it all really as to whats wrong with the CS. 

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