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Promenade - Megathread


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13 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

The second point (and I've noticed this in person here) is that the area is now much less friendly for pedestrians than it was before.  This of course goes directly against the whole shared space idea that they claim to be promoting.

The zebra at Sam Webs is dangerous and the rest arent open yet. They all far too close to the roundals. 

They do however make the flow of traffic much better but the traffic on the prom is hugely reduced, even this morning first day of school going back and there was no queue on broadway at all. I think people prefer to drive down Woodbourne Road and queue than risk being T boned.

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I have to be honest, I was never the biggest fan of the Roundels, and I still am not

However I have got to say that so far they seem to work well and the bottom of Broadway is a big improvement on the mess it was before. Most people seem to get them. 

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11 minutes ago, doc.fixit said:

I was going to say, 'but you're a woman'............Then I thought about self preservation and totally and completely retracted that statement. 🤨😎


The reason I like them has nothing at all to do with my assigned birth gender but more to do with having driven large vehicles across many parts of the world, some of which were extremely busy and chaotic and had no road markings whatsoever. The kinds of places that needed full attention to make it through with vehicle and body unscathed. 

After those experiences, the roundels on Douglas promenade count for very little in my world.

However, they keep the traffic moving, they keep drivers’ attention on the road and they look adorably pretty. 🤩 

Hope this helps. x

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