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Bc 1683


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Where can you find them?

Next door to me for a start. He is a deliverer rather than a point of sale.

That's more the girl round the corner, but she has moved, and I think changed her name looking at the druggies named in this week's paper.

In London you are never more than 6ft from a R.A.T. it was once said.

In the Isle of Man you are rarely more than 6 doors away from a drug dealer. (Maybe it's Streets)


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You'll never stop the dealers and their 'customers' because we've created the market for them. The social problems on this Island (No different to most parts of the UK) ensure that there's always a constant supply and demand, and that's going to take some fixing. We haven't even got round to thinking about that yet.

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1 hour ago, BC1683 said:

What to do with drug dealers...We must protect our children...We must change the law... so that these dealers are dealt with..No prison...Put them against the wall...Problem solved..each one convicted...Protect our future..DEAL WITH IT...

bit harsh on pharmacists.........

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