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WW2 Boy Hero Picture

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Greetings to All:

When I was in my Teens, I had a Book called 'The Best Of Life' which had in it the most Iconic Pictures taken and published in Life Magazine.

There was one Photo that made a Big Impression on me.  It was a Picture Titled 'British Aplomb' and shows a Boy who Heroically dug his Sister out of their Bombed Out House during the WW2 Bombing Blitz of London.

Unfortunately, I lost track of the Book I had and had always wanted to find out more Historical Information about the Picture.  I had always wondered if the Boy went on to become a Fireman or something like that.

But last week, while I was working at a New Job being a Cooperative Housing Property Maintenance Man, I was going through their Amenity Building Little Library and found a copy of the Book that I once had.

Quickly, I went through it and refound the Photo that made such an impression on me in the late 1980s.

Here it is:


Does anyone know of the Story about this Photo?

I am tempted to Email Life Magazine for further background information about it but I am asking you guys if you know of the Story behind this Boy and his Heroic Deed and whatever became of him.

He is by now Retired and maybe Passed On by now.  But I am wanting to know more about his Story.


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There used to be a picture library in London but I think it closed some years ago. They'd have been able to trace its origin for you. Stephen Poliakoff made a beautiful film of the library called Shooting The Past, and it starred Tim Spall and Lesley Duncan.

Sorry I can't be more helpful but I'm sure somebody would know. Perhaps start at the British Library.

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I have been pointed to the British National Archives and I have messaged them.

It would be an interesting Story to find out whatever became of this Boy Hero.  

He would be in his Late 70s or early 80s by now.




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I found an Online Archive of Life Magazine back issues at:


I figured it would have been published between Jan 41 and Dec 42.  So I started reading through each copy starting at Jan 41.


March 17th 1941 Edition, Page #35 - Picture Of The Week!

Goes with the following Paragraph:
Frederick Harrison of London is only 6 years old but the strange conditions of his life have made almost a man of him. Tiny speck in the sky drop things whose explosions fill all Freddie‘s World. He was not dismayed when a bomb recently blew his how house to bit. He found himself covered by bricks and rubble but somewhat protected by a wardrobe that had fallen across his bed. He found next that he could move and pulled away the debris that pinned down his sisters, Winifred, 3, and the baby, Joybells. First he got Winifred out and then she helped get the baby. Then they all three found their injured mother. For this he got the congratulations of his father, a sergeant in the Royal Artillery, and the name of hero.


Doing the Math, he would be 83 Years Old now.



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