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Government wage bill. Up 46 million pounds since 2014.

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They don't have the political power or will to do anything about it though. As soon as any politician touches anything or tries to interfere, they end up with the sort of clusterfuck we've now got in

You can bet your bottom dollar (if many of us have actually got any left these days) that 80% of those 363 less at that time would be bottom feeders such as from the DOI who departed on early retireme

And how many times have such promises been broken in the past?

2 hours ago, Whatnonsence said:


Life on MARS mutually agreed resignation scheme.


Just consider who the parties were in all those those MARS agreements.

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As so often it's worth actually going to the source to get all the details.  Moorhouse has asked How many Government employees have received golden goodbyes of above £100,000 in each of the last five years and got (in part) the answer from Thomas:


The term ‘golden goodbye’ is sometimes used to describe an exit payment when an individual leaves employment either through redundancy, mutually agreed resignation or as resolution of an employment dispute. Twenty exit payments have been made in the last five financial years of [£]100,000 or more, of which three-quarters were redundancy cases. These were  distributed as follows:

2014-15 – 9;

2015-16 – 1;

2016-17 – 3;

2017-18 – 2;

2018-19 – 5.

Over the same period, 329 exit payments were made in total, out of which the overwhelming majority were redundancy or MARS cases.

Redundancy payments are governed by the Public Sector Compensation Scheme which was approved by Tynwald in 2014. This provides for redundancy payments of up to two years’ salary for staff in post before January 2014; and up to 18 months’ salary for those employed subsequently on the basis of one month’s pay for each year of service. Mutually agreed resignations are provided for in a number of public sector schemes and mainly work on the basis that there is a payback within 12 and payments are capped at 12 months’ pay. Employment dispute resolution is provided for by section 104 of the Equality Act 2017 inter alia

There were a number of requests for extra information and clarification, most usefully from Hooper who got the reply:


In terms of the 20 exit payments which are over £100,000 or more, I already gave that information – so 15 of them were redundancy cases and the other five were either resignations on agreed terms, or settlement agreements.

Although they wouldn't have been included in these figures, this all makes it clear that it's possible for resignations such as Couch's come with a (possibly substantial) 'golden goodbye'.

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57 minutes ago, piebaps said:

Who were they?

Well put it this way pie, me old' mate. None of the parties were me or you (ahem, assuming you are not a recipient or a possible future recipients of a wheelbarrow full of cash).

But there is a possibility that our elected representatives were somewhere in the background being rubbed up and smiling and nodding inanely.


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