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Glen Truan Golf Spa & Country Club


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Good to see this is finally back on the rails and opening again. Had the basics of a very good golf course, with the maintenance of a grazing field, should be better this time around. Good luck to them. 

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So did they get planning for all the chalets? They don't come across well on social media.

Having experienced a significant amount of venom over the past two years, we have taken the decision not to serve a small number of individuals:

~ The lady who verbally abused the Royal British Legion Poppy Seller at Ramsey Coop and your family - you know who you are. As a mark of respect, later this year, we’ll share images, letters and untold stories of Bride and Manx Canadian people who served and fought in two World Wars.

~ The gentleman who accosted our family member on our farmyard and threatened our architects business - you know who you are too.

~ The lady who knows it all, who has only lived up the road five minutes and the gentleman who likes to drive fast cars dangerously along Lhen Road - you both know who you are too.

As Manx people, it’s probably only right that we say now, our personal standards and yours don’t match. We don’t mind if this has an impact on our business.

This doesn’t need any further explanation. Each of the above and their families are requested not to enter our premises and to keep your personal views and venom to yourselves. We make no apologies for publishing this statement and open 1 July 2019.

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I did at the time say the knockback was ‘personal’ toward the applicant  That post rather confirms it. However, it’s extremely irresponsible, unprofessional and also very subjective. You kind of get a feel for how well a business is run by their social media presence and if that’s a typical response then, well, let’s see but my guess is it will hurl from one crisis to another. What a shame. What a wasted opportunity. And here’s a tip. Never ever wash your business’s dirty laundry in public.  

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