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Stu Peters

Mark of the Beast

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Mr Fixit Nick Knowles has been convicted of a motoring offence.

'The presenter received six points on his licence for the offence, which resulted in a driving ban as he already had six points on it. He was fined £666 for speeding and £666 for using his phone, with a victim surcharge of £66 and prosecution costs of £85'.

That's a lot of sixes! Could have been a clean sweep if the prosecutor hadn't been so greedy...

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Whole story is odd ...


"Mr Hill said: "From this moment in time, you are not able to drive any motor vehicle in any public place."

Knowles, of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, asked: "I can drive home, right?" to which Mr Hill replied: "No."

The presenter responded: "I'm joking.""

Then the police and crime commissioners popped in to talk to him during a break to say "I just called by to say thank you for doing the responsible thing."

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2 hours ago, MrPB said:

As if that punishment wasn’t enough it’s now come out that he’s also shagged a Labour MP. 

Yeah...Dennis Skinner.

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