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They should have had insurance

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34 minutes ago, Butterflies said:

The cyclist should be prepared for people acting irrationally and the verdict was correct. However the travesty imo is the blood sucking lawyers fees costing £100,000. The woman knocked down only got 4k but the lawyers get over 20 times that. The sooner lawyers are replaced by computers the better!



They didn't do anywhere near enough a decent job for him either.  Would be interesting to see how that was racked up...

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Do you regret being a tool?  the article doesn't say the cyclist weren't insured, but if someone hits someone else the injured party don't usually claim on their insurance. They claim on the othe

Like three bald men fighting over a comb...

Would we be having this debate if hed hit a car or house and done that much damage?  As others have said this is why driving a ton of metal has a legal requirement for insurance because it can be real

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13 hours ago, Neil Down said:

"The yoga expert was staring at her mobile as she suddenly walked out from the crowded pavement into the road, the Central London County Court heard"

you obviously didn't read the story did you...

as it was a crowded pavement, he would have been aware of his surroundings and may well have been riding within his ability. At least he was aware enough to shout a warning and not concentrate on a feckin mobile phone.

Was that what his defence said ?

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