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You Kipper UKIPpers - a Brexit story (take 2)


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Boris Johnson tells outrageous lie about Manx Kippers to get headlines:


Addressing the crowd in London last night at his final campaign performance, Mr Johnson whipped out the plastic-wrapped fish which he said he had been handed by a national newspaper editor.

Mr Johnson claimed a kipper smoker is "utterly furious" because apparently his costs have been increased by EU rules he said mean each fish must be accompanied by a plastic-wrapped ice pillow.

"Pointless, expensive, environmentally-damaging health and safety, ladies and gentlemen," Mr Johnson said.

He then joked that he would "bring back the kippers" a reference to winning back Ukip voters. [/quote]

And then, after the joke has died down, we get the truth:


So who is the Manx Kipper UKIPper. And where do I need to not buy my kippers from now?


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4 minutes ago, Neil Down said:

Can't wait to taste those beauties... :crying:

When I were a lad, a bloke up the road died. His family got round to clearing the house out 2/3 years later. The salted herring stored in the kitchen cupboard were perfect (very salty of course, but nothing another pint of tea couldn't sort out).

These kipper fish are doubly preserved - smoked and vacuum sealed. 

Laura  Kuenssberg points out that IoM isn't in UK or EU. I think that reinforces the point.

And Boris is making a fair point. I remember when the British Standards kite mark stood for something and the test could be easily looked up for reference. The CE marking is largely just bureaucracy bolllix and is a lilly livered copy of British Standards.


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