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Yes.  But I still like it here anyway.  Tip when buying things online here: put your address as "Isle of Man, United Kingdom" because even though it's technically incorrect, it saves an awful lot of p

Spanish Head is something entirely different to what your current understanding of it is.

I usually drive to Catalonia, Douglas - Heysham - Portsmouth/Plymouth - Bilbao/Santander. Next trip I’m doing Douglas - Dublin - Cork Ringaskiddy - Santander and return via Belfast.  Unfortu

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5 hours ago, woolley said:

We spend a lot of time in Spain too. Never done the Cork route before and it sounds attractive. Could you fill us in on the experience? Sounds like a lot less driving. How does the cost compare? Thanks, John.

Good luck, Crypto. Ignore the negativity. It's a national pastime.

Its Brittany Ferries economie service. Twice a week. €650 return including outside cabin. Boat isn't like the luxury cruise ferries they run from Portsmouth. 150m I think, so not much bigger than the Ben. Basic.  No lift, limited dining and public seating. They also do once a week to Roscoff. Its a Brexit dividend thing for the Irish, only running from last year, on a different web site brittanyferries.ie and your BF owners abroad loyalty membership and discounts don't apply.

Yes I'll report back.


When I booked I'd just spent 8 hours (as opposed to the 4 it usually takes) driving (or stuck in standing traffic) on M27, A34, M40, M42 and M6 from Portsmouth to Liverpool and as a consequence missed the sailing home. I think the Dublin Cork run, will take 2.5 hours on quiet roads, so much easier. M1, M50, M7 and M8. And it took 10 hours from Dover to Heysham the last time I did that route, with similar consequences.

They only have one disabled cabin, on deck 5, the only cabin on deck 5, with level access to the car deck (exposed) and to the shop bar and café, so I should be OK. There is dog space, kennels and pet friendly cabins. The sailing I am on is fully booked.

The only disadvantage from my point of view is I prefer Bilbao as my arrival/departure point as its an hour less driving to my place than is Santander.

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2 hours ago, Declan said:

Slightly off topic, but... 

Do we think the flooding risk in parts of Castletown have been fixed by the wall they've built?

Well it hasn't flooded since so clearly it is a mighty success.

It should be noted that while there have been some pretty high tides these haven't coincided with the low pressure, strong south easterly winds and storm surges usually required for Castletown to flood, so it hasn't really been tested yet.

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I'm assuming most people take their UK car/or buy one in the UK, then register it on the Island? when they first move over

i'm assuming that to buy a "local"  car  is the wrong way to go?  (overpriced? not that much choice?) 

am i correct?

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There’s plenty of choice, but, yes, overpriced.

Lots of cars that were first registered here and have spent all their life here will be low mileage however.

There’s no MOT. So condition on older ones may be an issue.

If you import any car from elsewhere, and if it’s more than 3 years old, you’ll have to put it through a manx test.

so importation is going to cost fare to U.K. and fare back, and test fee, and replaying costs.

It used to be said IoM had highest car ownership per head of population or mile of road of anywhere in Europe.

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41 minutes ago, Crypto Dave said:

@John Wright

Is the Manx test just like the UK's MOT test?   and what are "replaying costs"  ?

is there a "main" site where most people tend to advertise their vehicles for sale?


Tougher than MOT. 

Replating costs, spell check/predictive text!

No, no main site.

There are several FB pages, and heavy advertising in Manx Newspaers

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You keep mentioning the extra cost of everything here, compared to where? and if it bothers you enough to keep mentioning it, why come?

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33 minutes ago, Crypto Dave said:

ok, so if i buy a car which is already Manx registered then no Man test required, correct?

and what about the car tax?

is it transferable ?  (unlike the UK nowadays)

and if the tax has expired? easy to re tax it?

@John Wright

Go visit the gov.im vehicle and driver licensing web pages

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