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If an English royal is a nonce they deserve everything the state and the tabloid press can throw at them, just as much as any Rotherham taxi driver, or Sunday League kiddy fiddler. Andrew Windsor

Then again today, somebody else wants their 15 minutes of fame. Bloody snowflake and absolute wimp. Why was that bloke so offended and why wait 6 years to say something. Band wagoning at it's worst. I

Those girls didn't have to say "Yes" and I too feel sorry for Andrew. Epstein was no more than a pimp and that's it! None of anyone's business. Bloody Channel 4 and that daft bint reporter. Meh. 

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On ‎8‎/‎15‎/‎2019 at 11:37 AM, mojomonkey said:

Where was Prince Philip at the time of Epstein's death? 


Seriously though, the list of famous people who are linked to Epstein gives this the potential for some brilliant theories.


A new name to add to the limerick...

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2 hours ago, jabba1990 said:

Not a chance it was suicide. He was silenced because he knew too much 

I believe that in order to prevent conspiracy theories, he has now cremated himself.

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I think, regardless of how conspiracy theories are viewed, it has  to be accepted that the, 'privileged and moneyed elite', have a very good chance of getting away with almost any cruel, anti-social and often criminal activity.

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